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It has always been my passion to capture nature at its best, or worst, depending on the circumstance.  As a kid growing up in a paradise I call Goa, I would keenly observe my father as we drove around Goa and he captured nature from every angle possible.  Driving in or out of Goa required maneuvering the curvy roads of the Western Ghats.  And at almost every blind curve there would be a ‘photo opportunity’ and we would stop and ‘smell the roses’, so to speak.  My father must have captured many wonderful sights in and around Goa.  However, as the years went by, I never got to re-visit those photographs.  Back in 2009, I visited India, and spent most of my time – close to 3 months – in Goa.  Yes, I did capture the sights in other cities, such as Mumbai and Pune, but of all the 6000+ digital photos that I brought back from my visit, at least 90% were taken in Goa.

Being an artist at heart, I am sometimes driven to fantasy – by losing myself in the beauty of nature.  Natural surroundings are God’s gift and everything in nature is God’s masterpiece.  So, by capturing such masterpieces of nature, I am, in a sense, praising God for His creations and his gifts of nature.  I will share my digital photo captures of nature (including man-made structures) along with a few words to add to the mix.

Thank you for stopping by.  And I hope you enjoy my photo blog.