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As I continue along the lazy road past the railroad tracks on this hazy morning, I come across a school that appears to be taking a well-deserved rest from the rigors of the week gone by.  Running up a flight of stairs that take me up to the roof of a dilapidated building across the street, I quickly capture these golden sunrise moments, not wanting to wait for sleepy Khandwa to wake up.  The school in the foreground, and the home dwellings in the distance, if they could speak, would say nothing at all, as they appear least bothered by my apparent invasion of their privacy.


Suddenly, a  lone bird appears as though from nowhere, languidly gliding over the school building, as though bringing a message of peace and tranquility to add to the already serene misty morning.  And as I captivated by this perfectly undisturbed morning, the sleepy school, the hazy veil over the distant home dwellings, and the lone bird, daybreak sneaks up on me.  Capturing the encroaching daylight over the peaceful scene, I alight the steps of the dilapidated building, jump over an open drain, and resume my morning walk in a city so blissfully detached from the world.