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Looking back, I notice the lone bird now gliding with a companion, no longer alone.  I trace my steps back to get a closer look at the birds and recognize them as the common blackbirds of India called the ‘crow’.  I run up the stairs of another building, and just as I reach the roof of the building, I see the crows swoop down and land right in front of me.  A beam of light from the sky cuts through the haze and makes its way directly at the spot between me and the crows, turning the morning into an eerie scene from a Twilight Zone movie.


Capturing this fascinating play of the early morning rays of sunlight piercing through the haze, and the crows looking expectantly around waiting for the early worm to pop its head out of the ground, I realize that being at one with nature is perhaps the only way to experience peace.  Standing stealthy at my spot so as not to scare the crows away, my camera happily capturing this captivating scene, I sense time coming to a standstill, even if just for a fraction of a second.  Suddenly, one of the crows decides to take off on its hunt for food, and the other looks up as though saying, ‘Hey, wait up!’